Civil and Structural Engineer

Cheadle Masjid (CMA) Mosque

We have been appointed to provide civil and structural design services for post-planning development of the design, along with assistance with site works through to completion of the project. The Cheadle Mosque project involves the construction of a new two storey mosque building with habitable basement, along with related increased car parking facilities on the site of the existing mosque adjacent to Wilmslow Road, Cheadle.
The project will involve the demolition of an existing domestic property within the existing mosque grounds to allow construction of the new building. The client requires that the existing mosque building remains in operation during the entirety of the works to serve the local community, requiring careful consideration of safety of the public using the building, impacting on engineering solutions, programming and sequence of works, etc. The existing mosque is to be demolished following completion of the new building and new car parking provided to the former building footprint.
The structural design includes habitable basement construction containing washing facilities for worshippers, along with plant space and storage areas. The superstructure is composed of compositely designed, lean steel frame which is free from vertical bracing providing an open prayer hall alongside learning and meeting spaces. Civil engineering input includes development of surface water and pumper foul water systems to serve the new building and development of new car park areas, along with renovation of existing parking.
The client has stipulated potential for future extension of the mosque building in anticipation of increased numbers of worshippers. We have been involved in detailed assessment of several future extension options to determine the most efficient solution and their effects on the current design. Allowance will be made in the development of the design for an agreed future extension option. This will ensure increased loadings have been considered and future adaptation of the building can be carried out with minimal disruption, allowing the mosque to remain in operation during these works.

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Cheadle Masjid (CMA) Mosque

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