DeTrafford Estates
Civil and Structural Engineer

Wavelength, Salford Quays

We are appointed as Civil and Structural Engineers on this exciting Residential Project. The scheme entails the development of 420+ new apartments in Salford Quays, Greater Manchester.

The development comprises of three buildings arranged in a crescent shaped fashion to surround a single storey communal podium structure over ground floor parking. The podium consists of various hard and soft landscaping. The new buildings vary in height and cascade around the perimeter of the site to suit and compliment the surrounding structures. Block C is 27 storeys, Block B is 20 storeys cascading to 14 storeys and Block A is 14 storeys cascading to 8 storeys.

The complex faceted geometry of the site required detail coordination with the Architects and M&E Engineers. This established a regularity to internal layouts and structural grid to optimise both the structural efficiency and special layouts of both residential and ground floor commercial units within the need for transfer structures.

The site lies in close proximity to Salford Quays Metrolink. This required early discussions with TfGM to discuss logistics of both design and construction.

Key info
Wavelength, Salford Quays

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